Factions Map IV

May 12th, 3 PM EST

If you want to get a general idea of what this season of Factions is about please check out our trailer below!

Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive a Shark Key. For more information about re-uploading

please go to this link; https://bit.ly/2H2jQGe

Factions Top

80% of server-donations will be used via paypal for /ftop,, if there are no donations then buycraft will be granted.
Each faction will be required to set a PayPal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week. The map will last 4 weeks including a 1 week grace period. There will be 3 payout weeks.

Herbalism Top

At the end of the map, the top 3 players on /mctop Herbalism will be rewarded. To gain herbalism levels, all a player will need to do is farm different crops, such as sugarcane.


( Tag granted to mctop herbalism to show you were number #1 in map iv. )

General Information

We will be having a total of two worlds, with a total of eight corners
Note: A faction can only have one corner claimed at any given time.

We will be having a one week grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:

  • TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
  • Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
  • Mining Spawners...
Greetings Travelers of Jawspvp!


Jaws impending reset is gearing up for such an amazing and new adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
Cosmic-Test type revamp

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible server-wise.

The fund has been updated to and will be updated to hold more items in the future..


For the first day, Players will NOT have access to /wilderness, make sure you have a plan set ;)

Specialty Perks

  • 5k x 5k world-border
Specialty Perks

  • Blowfish KOTH
  • 5k x 5k world

What you WILL KEEP after the reset:
Ranks (yes even those won from crates)
Effects / Trails
The quantity homes that you currently have available to you at the moment of reset

What will be lost with the reset:
Cash Balance
Inventory/Echest/PV Contents
Bases/Land etc
Home locations

MAP III can look forward to the planet going up (Saturday) at approximately
11:00-11:30AM EST
An unforgettable factions experience!

JawsPvP is a brand new up-and-coming factions network, join our discord and see all of the amazing features we enhold.


we look forward to seeing you! :)

MAP II Information
3/16/19 1:00 PM EST

:Overworld: 10k x 10k
Nebula 5k x 5k

Week 1 FTop Rewards
#1 - 80 Buycraft
#2 - 60 Buycraft
#3 - 50 Buycraft
#4 - 30 Buycraft

Week 2 FTop Rewards
#1 - $40 Paypal
#2 - $25 Paypal
#3 - $15 Paypal
#4 - 30 Buycraft

Week 3 FTop Rewards
#1 - $40 Paypal
#2 - $25 Paypal
#3 - $15 Paypal
#4 - 30 Buycraft

Week 4 FTop Rewards
#1 - $40 Paypal
#2 - $25 Paypal
#3 - $15 Paypal
#4 - 30 Buycraft
Hello All!

Jawspvp is getting more and more features added constantly, and every day that goes by is a day closer to the announcement of the latter.
To encourage everyone to join the forums and create an account, we have decided to make a giveaway exclusively on the forums!!

Here are the giveaway prizes (Total Value: 200$):
  • 1x Spartan Rank
  • 1x Titan Rank

To enter the giveaway :
  • Like this thread
  • Comment with your IGN

The giveaway will end on the 1st of March 2019 at 5:00 PM GMT and will have 2 winners!!

We wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you on mc.jawspvp.com

Many thanks,
JawsPvP Administration